WiFi Marketing

"How To Turn Free Wi-Fi Into An Automated Marketing Tool"

Chances are, you're already offering FREE WiFi. You're just not getting anything out of it. Turn your Free WiFi service into an automated lead generating machine. Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data. Run contests, promotions and special offers, engaging your customers in real-time.

The more you know your customers likes and interests the better the offers you can send.

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Wifi Hotspot Advertising

Advertise On Our Network Of Secure WiFi Hot Spots

With WiFi advertising you have the opportunity to place your ad on our WiFi Adexchange Hot Spot locations. When customers of a Hot Spot location get on the WiFi we can feature your business! Imagine customers having to watch a 15 to 30 second commercial about your business before getting access to the WiFi! Or after they have left, your business sends an email or text with a coupon offer!

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Host a WiFi Advertising Hot Spot Venue

Turn Your Guest WiFi Into An Income Stream!

Hosting a WiFi Advertising Hot Spot is simple. Our FREE hosting program allows your business to offer free WiFi and you get all the benefits from the WiFi marketing. We then have non competing business buy advertising spot on that network and we even share the revenue with you!

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"I wanted a better way to build my list and this is unreal! Blown away by this tech! "

John K., Personal Trainer

"We always have people in the waiting room on cell phones. We created a coupon to get on the wifi and now we are sending offers when were slow. AMAZING how this works! "

Jane, Eyelash Professional

"We had WiFi but never offered it to our guests. Now we create free drink offers and people connect more than I thought. Amazing marketing tool! "

Dan H., Night Club


 This is exactly how the system works…

Step 1


Guests connect to your open Wi-Fi network without a password…

Step 2


Guests are asked to log in using social media, email, or SMS to get access…

Step 3


After Wi-Fi login, guests can see videos, images, social widgets and more…

Step 4


Schedule guest emails, SMS messages, coupons and push notifications on autopilot…

Benefits of Having an AD Sponsored Social WiFi Network in Your Business

Social Media Logins

Probably the most exciting feature of Social Wifi is the ability to offer Free Wifi and have the customer login with his or her own social media accounts, usually Facebook or Tweeter Accounts


Did you know your Social WiFi network can more than pay for itself?

When you become a Host Business with our WiFi Platform, your WiFi changes from a simple guest amenity to a 2nd income stream that can easily be scaled into the $1000’s annually.

With technologies like Social Media Authentication, WiFi Advertising, National Brand Advertising, and Data Analytics, your WiFi network can generate huge sums of revenue and improve your guest experience at the same time.


Social Wifi like Social Media is all about engagement…… Engage Your Customers Like Never Before!

Publish your own advertising banners, promoting your location, offers, upcoming events and co-partner brand marketing.  It’s your WiFi and your location why advertise for your competition? Engage your customers with vouchers, offers, discounts, coupons, promotions, lotteries, social media, videos and more………..

Revenue Share

You can promote your own special offers… incentive deals… or run ads for local non-competitive business’s who also want to reach your customer base!
That way, YOU GET PAID to deliver their coupons and special value deals to your customers

– who will NOT complain about getting valuable savings on the things that interest them most!

This is the new frontier of WiFi marketing and communications in the marketplace. Consumers love it, because they get more value at no cost to them. And you’ll love it because it turns your “free” WiFi into a significant source of revenue for YOU!

WiFi alone doesn’t pay the bills. But The WiFi  Adexchange CAN!

 Grow Your Database

Automatically capture guest contact and social media information.

Full Name


 Phone Number


 Age & Birthday

 Device Type



 … And More!

Businesses Can Now Take Control Of Their Own Advertising!


Firstly, advertisements are displayed through mobile and web interfaces. Shoppers can view and select offers, deals, and discounts that are of interest using their mobile phone/device and on their personal computer.

Wifi AdexChange extends the marketing area to the shoppers home or office once they signup. Shoppers can view and save offers, deals, and discounts from the convenience of home or office, then redeem them using their mobile phone.

Deals are stored in a special Active-Wallet system that also displays their aggregated savings.

Unlike traditional retail advertising channelsWifi Adexchange creates a new way for retail advertisers to deliver and engage consumers in live responsive real-time advertising.

What’s the value of real-time advertising?

Standard ad production for print or TV takes at best days for development, often weeks and even months before distribution is available, with Wifi Aexchange advertisers create an ad anytime, set it live immediately, target response, test call to action, identify consumer response, and evaluate sales response metrics in real time! You can actually SEE that it works!

With Wifi Aexchange, immediate ad content delivery is what our platform delivers and response tracking metrics in real time is just the beginning of the power Wifi Adexchange consumer engagement.

Face it……..Wifi Adexchange is the new standard in retail marketing & advertising.


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Social WiFi / Hotspot Providers

Monetize your existing Locations / Venues thru Advertising. High Click thru rate, real time reporting and more!


Monetize your WiFi

Add monetization to your Social WiFi / Hotspot system thru our ad network and expand your WiFi network faster.

White Label

Should there be a need, we also do White Label system based on your needs. You may contact us for more information.

Bidding System

Our bidding system ensures that you get the most revenue of each Click, advertiser’s ads that bid the highest is served.


We can integrate with any Social WiFi / Hotspot systems that you currently use. You may contact us for more information.

Real Time Reports

Access all your reports in real time thru our cloud portal. Check performances and optimize your Access Points.

No Competitive Ads

We make sure that the ads served in each of your locations are non-competitive to the location’s business.

Effective Ad Types

Using Full page ads, we can ensure high CTR. Moreover, we have effective ad types such as coupons, app downloads, etc.

Smart Ad Targeting

Make your Social WiFi / Hotspot System Ads smarter by allowing targeting to specific demographics and location of users.


Multiple Ad Formats

There are multiple ad formats that advertisers can choose from. From Visiting a Website, App Downloads, Coupons, and Video plays, this ensures that you get the highest CTR per ad served.


Leverage the power of mobile, local and WiFi and create maximum impact to your campaigns.

Mobile Devices

Reach people on the go thru their smart phones as they connect to the WiFi. People check their phones every 15 minutes!

Real Time Reports

You can view the status and reports of your Ad Campaigns in Real-time, so you can optimize and adjust based on results.




Smart Targeting

Smartly spend your advertising budget to your target market, you can target location, gender and age that fit your needs.

WiFi Marketing

Promote in Physical Offline Venues and reach people on-the-go when they connect to the WiFi of the establishment.

Hyper Local

Advertise to people in local establishments, so that your advertisement stays relevant to the local area you’re promoting to.

Set Budgets

Be in control of your advertising spending by setting your own lifetime budget. We make sure you never overspend.

High CTR

The ads are served full page and is highly targeted to the person viewing, it generates high click thru rates (CTR)!

Point of Sale

Advertisements can be targeted to serve close to your Point of Sale, this makes our ads more effective for Offline sales!


  • Hosts WiFi connection
  • Approves/rejects requests from advertisers
  • Receives ad revenue


  • Connects to venue’s WiFi
  • Sees advertisers’ ad campaigns
  • Receives advertisers’ / venue’s promotions and offers


  • Create ad campaigns
  • Generates leads from campaigns
  • Sponsors venue ad space